Open Letter To The People of Guernsey Expressing Our Concerns Over Changes To The Rules Regulating The Island’s Population.

Open Letter To The People of Guernsey expressing our concerns over changes to the rules regulating the Island’s Population, from former’ Deputies Graham Guille and Gloria Dudley Owen

Following the State’s approval June (2013) of the Population Report, Chief Minister Peter Harwood said the outcome would become a defining moment in Guernsey’s history. We consider many of the proposals are deeply flawed and that the public have not been fully informed of potential long term consequences. This “defining moment” will see all notions of islander’s birth right, kinship and island identity swept aside.

Do you realize that when the new residency and employment laws take effect:

  • Children of Island families will no longer have the right to be classified as local after 10 years but will wait 14 years for that ‘privilege’. If for any reason they leave Guernsey before completing that period they may have difficulty in returning to the island to live in the local market.
  • The qualifying residency period for essential license permit holders will be reduced from 15 to 8 years. Permit holders are allowed to bring in their extended families- spouse/partner, parents, parents-in-law and grandchildren. Increased pressure will be placed for health, education, housing and long term care, on islanders, already challenged with dealing with an ageing population. The resulting increase in population will contravene a 2007 State’s resolution to hold down numbers.
  • Restrictions will be relaxed on who may live in local market housing. This will create direct competition between immigrants and islanders for affordable homes. However, it will not be a level playing field because many permit holders, from both the public and private sectors, receive assistance with their rent, mortgages and generous resettlement packages. We want this particular proposal put to a public ballot.
  • The uncontrolled Open Market sector, especially premises in multiple occupancy, will still be wide open to abuse, causing increasing population growth and further competition for employment.

Please take a moment to ask yourself:

  1. Did you know all this before the Population Management Report was debated?
  2. Since Deputies agreed these new terms, have you thought about how this will affect your future and that of your children and their children?
  3. Do you have grave concerns over the cost and competition for local market housing?
  4. Do you agree the proposals to increase the period for residency qualifications for Guernsey children are harsh and should be looked at again?

These changes are the result of a deliberate act of your own government, who propose to give away the very rights they swore a solemn oath to protect. In our view government is increasingly making decisions that favour immigrants who join this community at the expense of locally qualified residents. The changes under the population proposals are simply the latest and most damaging.

We acknowledge changes to the residency rules are necessary to control immigration. However, Deputies have now approved proposals that will in future discriminate against local residents.

In our view the consultation document on these proposals was too complex for public engagement. The 2012 election candidate’s manifestos gave no warning of the irrevocable changes to residents’ rights some members of your government had in mind.

Voice your concerns now. Do not wait until the proposed changes are returned to the Assembly to be voted into law

Write, call or email your Deputies and Parish Officials today demanding that your voice be heard and the rights of local residents protected. Please send a copy to either Graham Guile at or Gloria Dudley Owen at

We call for the State’s Population Policy Group to publish a detailed report setting out how all of their recommendations contained in Billet XI June 2013 will impact on the local population before these proposals are passed into Law.

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Policy Council – Managing the size and make up of the Island’s Population

Billet D’État – States of Deliberation – Wednesday 26 June 2013

Policy Council – Managing the size and make up of the Island’s Population

The long-awaited population report has now been published with 45 recommendations up for debate in the States meeting in June.
The report makes recommendations designed to secure the future of the Open Market and remove the recent uncertainty in this sector.
The Open Market will be retained but changes will be made to limit multiple occupancy properties.
A new permit system is also proposed – Residence Permits and Employment Permits.

This report and proposals by the Policy Council can be read in full on the States website:-

To View Policy Council Consultation Doc.

Jo Bourgaize

Personal Tax, Pensions and Benefits Review: Public Consultation

Submitted by Jo Bourgaize (Council Member)

The Treasury & Resources and Social Security Departments have launched a joint consultation on personal tax, pensions and benefits in Guernsey. This public consultation is part of a two year review of the way that the States collect tax from, and pay benefits to, the people of Guernsey.

The objective of the review is to ensure the long term sustainability of public finances and services, and to ensure that the systems of taxation and benefits are fair, efficient and simple.

The GPRLA Council recommend that you read this consultation document: and welcome your comments. To View Consultation Doc.

The whole document is important but in particular, may I draw your attention to the following section:-

Page 8 (3.2.1) – Raising domestic tax on real property:- One of the proposals is to increase domestic TRP (Tax on Real Property) rates to five times its current level. It is stated that this would generate net revenues of approximately £20m. The bigger the property, the bigger the TRP.

Please note that the closing date for the consultation is 31 May 2013. – Continually improving the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s housing stock!

GPRLA Application Form

All members wishing to join the Guernsey Private Residential Landlords Association  should complete the following form. The form should be printed out in the first instance, completed and mailed to the GPRLA Secretary’s address stated on the application form.

GPRLA Membership Application Form

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GPRLA Constitution

All members should be aware of the Guernsey Private Residential Landlords Association’s Constitution and upon joining should make themselves familiar with the contents.

GPRLA Constitution 2012 – The GPRLA, continually improving the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s housing stock!

Variations to a Guernsey Conveyance.

There are two ways that a conveyance can variate:

The first is a Conveyance by way of Exchange. Sometimes two parties may agree to exchange their current properties, either with or without a cash adjustment being paid from one party to another. This transaction is carried out under a single conveyance known as a Conveyance by way of Exchange. A third party cannot be introduced as an owner of either property.

The second is a Conveyance by way of Delaissance. This is a conveyance between several co-owners and is where a property owned by two or more owners wish to transfer the ownership to one of the owners! – The GPRLA, continually improving the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s housing stock!

What Is A Conveyance In Guernsey?

It is a document that gives effect to the sale of the realty by a vendor (the seller) to a purchaser (the buyer). As part of the purchasing process the advocates acting on behalf of the purchaser would draw up the conveyance. Prior to November 1969 conveyances of Real Property in Guernsey would be completed in French, this has now changed and can now be completed in English.

Both parties arrange to meet before the Royal Court on a prearranged date, which is known as the completion date. The purchase price is paid and the possession of the realty passes to the new owner on this date. Generally the completion date is fixed by ALL parties several weeks ahead when the conditions of sale are agreed and signed. In nearly all cases a deposit will be paid.

The vendor or the purchaser do not sign the conveyance; they simply consent to the transfer of the respective property in front of the Royal Court at their allotted time in the presence of a jurat. It is then the jurat who signs the conveyance, after the jurat has been assured by the advocates representing the parties that the vendor’s and purchaser’s identities have been confirmed prior to the court appearance. – The GPRLA, continually improving the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s housing stock!

How Is Realty Ownership Transferred In Guernsey?

To transfer the title of realty from one owner to the next requires the passing of a conveyance, which has to go through the Royal Court of Guernsey.

The Royal Court sits for conveyancing business twice per week, every Tuesday and Thursday at 09.30. these days are subject to public holidays and therefore would only open on a Guernsey working day! – The GPRLA, continually improving the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s housing stock!

What Is Realty In Guernsey?

Quite simply realty is land and everything that is attached to a parcel of land. Typically these would include houses, building or flats which would be considered to be attached to an area of land. – The GPRLA, continually improving the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s housing stock!