GPRLA January 2015 Media Interviews

GPRLA January 2015 Media Interviews

I as the Chairman of the GPRLA have completed two media interviews today relating to Landlord’s issues.

The first is going out tonight, Tuesday 20th January and will be shown on BBC 1 at 6.30pm in the CI spotlight section.

I talk about the problems landlords face today in the areas of lettings, tax treatment on allowances and the competition from the GHA.

The second is on BBC Radio Guernsey going out tomorrow, Wednesday 21st January between 07.00 – 08.00 as an interview. This usually is followed up by the news. Part of the highlight is the need for or not some type of tenants’ deposit protection scheme.

Jeff Guilbert
Chairman, GPRLA

The Benefits of Positive Input/Pressure Ventilation (PIV).

Understanding the Problem


Condensation dampness is more common than you may think, particularly in older homes and in new build properties that are poorly ventilated.  Excess moisture is produced by every day activities like bathing, cooking, washing and drying our clothes inside.  Condensed water provides the ideal conditions for mould spores already in the air to germinate and grow, damaging your walls, furniture and clothes, and contributing to health problems.  The humidity can also increase the number of dust mite allergens in the home, which aggravates the symptoms of asthma.
See our top tips on cutting condensation.


The importance of indoor air quality shouldn’t be underestimated. Pollutants are caused by cooking, washing and cleaning products, as well as the use of aerosols, decorating materials and smoking. Day to day activities can produce a range of chemicals and gases that enter the air and can damage your health long-term.  External pollutants, such as traffic fumes, pollens and naturally occurring Radon gas can enter the home through open doors and windows, trickle vents and airbricks, and the thousands of tiny gaps found in every home.


Adequate ventilation will help cut condensation and rid your home of pollutants, creating a fresh and healthy indoor environment. Nuaire offers a range of energy-efficient solutions to significantly improve your indoor air quality.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is the UK’s most popular method of low-energy, whole home ventilation and Nuaire is proud to have invented this technology in the 1970s. PIV brings a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air into the home through positive pressurisation, creating an environment in which condensation and mould can’t exist and helping to reduce allergens and Radon gas levels. Nuaire has low-energy PIV options for homes with or without lofts.
Extract Ventilation is designed to remove moisture from individual wet areas within the home. These individual fans are discrete and quick to install, and can also be used to enhance the performance of our PIV units.


It’s estimated that some 80% of asthmatics are allergic to dust mites. These tiny critters are too small to see by can be present in huge quantities in soft furnishings and, more worryingly, in our pillows and mattresses. Their faeces can also float in the air when you shake your bedding or walk over a carpet where they have settled. The inhalation of this allergen can trigger an asthma attack.

Dust mites thrive in humid conditions; just the sort of environment you will have if your home is poorly ventilated. Using a Positive Input Ventilation system will ensure that allergens, pollutants and condensation are removed from the home, creating a hostile environment for dust mites. Clinical research has proven that this type of whole home ventilation can play a significant part in controlling dust mite allergens, and Nuaire has hundreds of reports from satisfied customers who claim significant relief from their condition after installation of a Drimaster or Flatmaster PIV product.

For more information:

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GPRLA – Guernsey Recycling Speech Summary


1.Recycling Speech Summary

The GPRLA Open meeting took place on 10th November. The first speaker, Deputy Scott Ogier (“DSO”) then deputy minister, now minister of Public Services, talked on the proposed recycling legislation. He emphasized that this was draft legislation, yet to be approved by the States.( This proposed legislation was approved by the States this month – December 2014)

DSO started by telling us that an expert had come over to Guernsey to advise the States of Guernsey on our rubbish disposal problem.

The expert arrived on a Friday, looked and cunducted his investigation around Guernsey and stated before he boarded a plane on the following Monday that “You need an incinerator” . This occurred in 1948! Deputy Ogier then continued with the good news. Currently, there is almost a queue of countries prepared to take and burn the island’s rubbish at a reasonable price. DSO told us that the problem with incinerators is that they can be very expensive to run, should they not be operated at full capacity. When the island nearly bought one a few years ago, it was considered that a unit of 40,000 tons per annum would be the right size. Guernsey people since that period have been so good at re-cycling that 50% of that estimated figure now would not have to be burnt. Had Guernsey gone ahead, we would now have a very expensive and inefficient plant to operate.

Deputy Ogier mentioned that Jersey now has this problem. Their incinerator is too big. Taking our rubbish would enable economies of scale and possibly led Jersey tp ultimately save money. He did not speculate on why they did not want to take up this option.

There is a proposed budget of 25 million pounds to export and re-process waste. This has to be paid for somewhere.

The consultation on how to pay for this, or more accurately how WE are going to pay for this, yielded a large majority of the population to go against any charges to be charged based on rateable value as is the status quo at present. Overwhelmingly islanders wanted the charges based on how much rubbish people consume and put out. Therefore it is proposed that a property owner will pay the Parish charge for collection (about two thirds the current cost) and that the Guernsey bags, currently blue and clear will cost about 50 pence. New, black bagssimilar to those used at present will cost £1.50 – £2.00 each which it is hoped, will cover the other costs. Mayside the current contractor will continue to sort the re-cycling.

Trials of kerbside and glass collections are taking place and it is hoped that they will be collected as well in due course. At present the blue and clear bags will each be collected fortnightly on a rotational basis. Fines will be introduced for people who mix other rubbish in the rec yclable bags, probably £40 rising to £60 if unpaid within 14 days, a warning is likely to be issued for a first offence in the early days of operating the new system.

The Minister then took questions.

He was asked about compliance. His department thinks that all but a few people will co-operate. There is legislation already in place enabling fines of up to £1,000 to be applied to fly-tippers. This was felt to be an adequate deterrent.

What will the new black bags be like?

These are expected to be the same size and design as the current blue and clear bags.

Will there be future landfill?

Most existing landfill will cease at the end of their lives. A very limited amount will continue in the future for large items. e.g. settees and mattresses.

Can anything be done for residents of lanes too narrow for standard rubbish carts?

It is unlikely that parishes will invest in smaller vehicles.

Following the talk Public Services would like to pass on this message

The Public Services would like to thank the GPRLA for the opportunity to come along to your meeting. To have a chance to meet some of the members and hear your thoughts on recycling.

We are aware that there may not be a ‘one size fits all’ solution for multi-occupancy buildings. Public Services would very much like to hear from you so that we can better understand the barriers, and how you may have got around some of the issues. We look forward to working together to make kerbside collections as easy and as convenient as possible for your tenants.

Any feedback, suggestions and ideas welcome!

Tel: 234699 or email

The GPRLA – The Guernsey Private Residential Landlords’ Association, Continually Updating The Bailiwick Of Guernsey’s Housing Stock. Established 2006.

GPRLA – The Guernsey Housing And Rental Markets Speech Summary


2. The Housing And Rental Markets Speech Summary

The second part of the GPRLA Open Meeting was a talk by David Ingrouille of Alpha Estates on the state of the Guernsey rental market as he sees it.

Mr Ingrouille began by telling us that, in his experience, nothing to do with Guernsey Property remains static. From a letting point of view, there are nowhere near the number of Finance Industry employees arriving on licence and the Education and Health and Social security Depts. are not bringing in the staff that they used to.

This is not necessarily a bad thing for Landlords as a greater number will let property to local tenants who tend to stay longer and it is thus easier to get references.

Alpha Estates are quite happy with the current state of their lettings. There is fierce competition for rentals at the bottom of the market and up to 3 bedroom properties seem to be in supply and demand balance. The only disappointing aspect of the market is that demand for larger rental properties has largely disappeared. As a landlord himself, Mr ingrouille would be very worried if he had a portfolio of large properties at present. The alternative solution to let these is to turn them into multiple-occupancy properties but this brings its own problems.

One reason that Alpha Estates have not felt the same pinch as some private landlords was, in his opinion, that desirable tenants tend to be busy people. If they want to rent a property they will look at what is advertised and make a short list of six or fewer properties and look at them. Obviously most of these will have been advertised by agents, private landlords seldom having the resources to compete with agents on publicity.

Guernsey Agents charge very different fees from one another. Some of them will charge a 10% finder’s fee and a further 10% management fee yet do very little for it. Others charge one month’s rent as a finder’s fee. There have been finder’s fees as little as 5% recently on new-build properties. Other Agents suggest a very high rental is available, get the property on their books and some months later the desperate landlord reduces the asking rental to what could have been obtained at the beginning with another, more honest agent.

In any case landlords should negotiate with their agents. Now it is no longer a landlords’ market it is sensible to build a strong relationship with an agent.

Margins of 3.5 – 4.5% are available on new-build apartments; houses on the other hand can yield 3 – 5% . If Mr Ingrouille was looking for rental properties, he would avoid apartments with high service charges which decimate returns. The ideal property would probably be at the top end of town, would have been re-furbished recently and remained unsold for some time. These can often been bought at a price where a sensible return can be made. However it would be no use asking Alpha Estates how little a seller would take. They are definitely on the seller’s side. He pays them!

Unfortunately the Sheriff’s Office is less interested than before in helping Landlords collect rents or in seizing assets. It is not surprising as in the case of two tenants one can claim “I gave the flat screen tv to Sid”.

Irresponsible tenants tend to gravitate to private landlords because they think they can get away with more than when dealing through an agent.

There has been one case where a tenant got away with giving a false name and ID to a landlord.

There is no way to achieve 100% protection against bad tenants. However larger deposits can help.

Two months’ deposit is becoming more common than just taking one month and it is very important to have a full photographic record of the property and its condition at the start of the rental. Without this there is no way of showing what is fair wear and tear and what is what can almost be called “damage or destruction”.

The Guernsey Private Residential Landlords Association – Continually updating the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s housing stock since 2006.

Notice Of An Open Meeting Of The GPRLA

Notice Of An Open Meeting Of The GPRLA
Monday 10 November 2014
At The Guernsey Yacht Club
7 – 9pm
Guest Speakers:

Paul Luxon the Minister for Public Services Department

Dave Ingrouille of Alpha Estates

Open to existing members and all interested Landlords

Refreshments Available

The evening will also provide an opportunity for you to meet GPRLA Council members

GPRLA Forthcoming AGM

Monday 23 June 2014

Open Meeting and Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the Constitution of The Guernsey Private Residential Landlords Association (GPRLA), notice is hereby given of our forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at the Guernsey Yacht Club (Castle Emplacement), St Peter Port, commencing at 8pm.

In addition to the formal part of the evening, the Council has arranged for an Open Meeting with a guest speaker prior to the AGM.

This part of the evening will commence at 7.30pm sharp.

Click here to view the GPRLA AGM Notice Public

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Open Letter To The People of Guernsey Expressing Our Concerns Over Changes To The Rules Regulating The Island’s Population.

Open Letter To The People of Guernsey expressing our concerns over changes to the rules regulating the Island’s Population, from former’ Deputies Graham Guille and Gloria Dudley Owen

Following the State’s approval June (2013) of the Population Report, Chief Minister Peter Harwood said the outcome would become a defining moment in Guernsey’s history. We consider many of the proposals are deeply flawed and that the public have not been fully informed of potential long term consequences. This “defining moment” will see all notions of islander’s birth right, kinship and island identity swept aside.

Do you realize that when the new residency and employment laws take effect:

  • Children of Island families will no longer have the right to be classified as local after 10 years but will wait 14 years for that ‘privilege’. If for any reason they leave Guernsey before completing that period they may have difficulty in returning to the island to live in the local market.
  • The qualifying residency period for essential license permit holders will be reduced from 15 to 8 years. Permit holders are allowed to bring in their extended families- spouse/partner, parents, parents-in-law and grandchildren. Increased pressure will be placed for health, education, housing and long term care, on islanders, already challenged with dealing with an ageing population. The resulting increase in population will contravene a 2007 State’s resolution to hold down numbers.
  • Restrictions will be relaxed on who may live in local market housing. This will create direct competition between immigrants and islanders for affordable homes. However, it will not be a level playing field because many permit holders, from both the public and private sectors, receive assistance with their rent, mortgages and generous resettlement packages. We want this particular proposal put to a public ballot.
  • The uncontrolled Open Market sector, especially premises in multiple occupancy, will still be wide open to abuse, causing increasing population growth and further competition for employment.

Please take a moment to ask yourself:

  1. Did you know all this before the Population Management Report was debated?
  2. Since Deputies agreed these new terms, have you thought about how this will affect your future and that of your children and their children?
  3. Do you have grave concerns over the cost and competition for local market housing?
  4. Do you agree the proposals to increase the period for residency qualifications for Guernsey children are harsh and should be looked at again?

These changes are the result of a deliberate act of your own government, who propose to give away the very rights they swore a solemn oath to protect. In our view government is increasingly making decisions that favour immigrants who join this community at the expense of locally qualified residents. The changes under the population proposals are simply the latest and most damaging.

We acknowledge changes to the residency rules are necessary to control immigration. However, Deputies have now approved proposals that will in future discriminate against local residents.

In our view the consultation document on these proposals was too complex for public engagement. The 2012 election candidate’s manifestos gave no warning of the irrevocable changes to residents’ rights some members of your government had in mind.

Voice your concerns now. Do not wait until the proposed changes are returned to the Assembly to be voted into law

Write, call or email your Deputies and Parish Officials today demanding that your voice be heard and the rights of local residents protected. Please send a copy to either Graham Guile at or Gloria Dudley Owen at

We call for the State’s Population Policy Group to publish a detailed report setting out how all of their recommendations contained in Billet XI June 2013 will impact on the local population before these proposals are passed into Law.

Compact All In One Cooking Station For Bedsits and Communal Areas …

Elfin Economy All In One Cooking Station via the

Elfin Economy All In One Cooking Station via the

Rental properties can sometimes present compact challenges when offering tenants and/or residents cooking facilities.

Well now help could be on hand with a well proven quality All In One Cooking Station!!!

The ranges best suited for the landlord and smaller accommodation units is the K (kitchen) range, whilst the T (tea station) range caters for residential and office communal centres and other industrial catering areas.

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For easy maintenance and cleaning the kitchens and tea stations are made entirely of white powder coated steel with stainless steel worktops.

Elfin kitchens are based in Essex and their manufacturing partners are based in Germany, Elfin have been established for more than 8 years and have just been nominated a NLA (National Landlord Association) recognised supplier.

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